Aloha, E Komo Mai!

Aloha Om is dedicated to celebrating the awakening of your soul.  The remembrance of love that you are.  Through ancient healing traditions, you will receive an embodied experience of light, inspiration and peace; inviting miracles to occur in all aspects of your life.                                                                                                                                                                           

Aloha Om Studio is nestled in the gentle green mountains of Bennington, VT.  We offer weekly Yoga classes, Healing sessions, workshops and Lomilomi trainings.  From our humble home, we have welcomed people from across the planet who have attended our trainings and classes.  We are grateful to anchor a rainbow end here in Vermont that connects to Hawaii and the rich tradition of Lomilomi massage.  We are grateful to share Yoga as a road map for skillful living.  

I look forward to seeing you at a Yoga class, for a Lomilomi healing session or at  a training! 

May every step of your journey be blessed with the spirit of Aloha Om, Eternal Love.

As a humble channel for Spirit, Bethany has a rare gift to facilitate profound healing, awareness and awakening not only on the physical, mental and emotional level, but also on the multidimensional platform. Her unique gift as a vessel for healing is matched and even exceeded by her sweet, sincere and endearing personality, deep intuition, magical touch and her presence as love. Whether you are seeking a modern medicine woman, body work, or simply deep relaxation, I unequivocally recommend Bethany as she is a most benevolent tidal wave of Aloha.
— John Smrtic, J.D., E-RYT