Bethany Boulger, LMT, E-RYT, Lover of Life

"Ahuwale ka po'okela, i kau ia ha'i"

"It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt"

Bethany Boulger is a bodyworker, yogini, life coach, world traveler and all around lover of life.  She feels blessed to have grown up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and to call the New England town of Bennington, VT home.  Bethany connected with the healing power of nature at a very young age while playing in forests and mountains in her backyard.  She would spend hours sitting under trees writing poetry even as a young child.  

Bethany’s intimate relationship with the Earth and the natural rhythm of seasons is experienced during her Yoga classes.  Since beginning her journey as a Yoga teacher in 2010 she aims at offering an experience where students are able to witness themselves through witnessing nature.  Weaving mystical poetry, inspiration and a light hearted presence through each class, the foundation of her dynamic classes are rooted in a celebration of embodiment.  She is grateful to have had the pleasure to teach in many glorious places around the globe; from New England to Alaska, Baja to Bali, she walks gently through life as a self proclaimed Spirit Gypsy.

Bethany has  been a practicing bodyworker for 15 years and in 2004 co-founded Green Mountain Oasis day spa, in Bennington, VT.  She specializes in Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, which is the most transformational bodywork she has discovered.  She offers healing sessions and trainings in Lomilomi all over the world.  Bethany also practices Traditional Thai massage, Swedish Massage and Energy Healing modalities.

“It is a great honor to be a light carrier of ancient healing traditions. Through both Hawaiian and Yogic practices I have experienced profound transformation and healing in my life.  Both traditions have empowered me to fall more deeply in love with myself, our human family, the Earth and life itself.  This love translates into a joy of service, offering the blessings of Aloha to each person I meet.” 

Aloha OM, Bethany