Learn Lomilomi Massage

"Lomilomi is praying work" Aunty Margaret

Aumakua, Aloha, Mahalo.

I bow to all of the ancestors, the carriers and guardians of the light.  With thanks and praise I open the gates of my heart to your wisdom, grace and love.  Great Spirit, please use me as an instrument of your peace.  Please purify this sacred vessel so that I may radiate your light and healing upon this Earth and all of her creatures. Please tend to my heart and mind, releasing anything that is does not resonate with the purest vibrations of love. With gratitude and in goodness I thank you with each breath.  

Lomilomi is a Blessing of light, bestowed from Spirit, through the giver into the receiver.  Combining Pule' o'o (powerful prayer) with Aloha (the breath of Divine in our presence), Lomilomi provides a healing space for profound transformation to occur.  To become a Lomilomi giver is to step into a long lineage of light carriers.  I humbly bow to your path and desire to hold the powerful medicine of this Ancient practice.

Heartworks Lomilomi Training

Heartworks Lomilomi is a sacred and traditional style of Lomi that utilizes mainly the hands and thumbs.  In combination with conscious breath and deep presence, this meditative form of Lomilomi focuses on rhythm, pressure and breath to create the greatest freedom for the receiver.  Heartworks style strokes reflect different qualities of ocean waves and invites the giver to become a waterfall of Aloha.  

In this 3 day training you will learn:
~ A deeply therapeutic, full body routine that detoxifies and opens energy channels of the body.
~ Embodiment of the Aloha Spirit and the experience of Being a "waterfall of Aloha". 
~ Introduction to Hawaiian philosophy in relationship to Lomilomi massage. 
~ A Hawaiian chant that opens each session to the potential of miracles. 

There are no pre-requisites for this class. 

Temple Style Level 1 Training

Temple style Lomilomi is a sacred dance with Spirit. The wavelike, rhythmic strokes of a Temple style Lomilomi session invites your receiver into a trance like state where profound healing can occur. 
Utilizing mainly the forearms, the techniques are intended to clear the body of heavy, stuck energy; opening energy channels and the connection to your Higher Self. Conscious breath, of both giver and receiver, activates the cellular structure of the body, releasing held tension, memories and trauma, thus, creating freedom. Temple style Lomilomi will take your practice as a healer to the next level.

During this 5 day training you will learn:
~ A full body routine based around wave like strokes that move in an uninterrupted flow.
~ A “dance” step called Kaleleau that will allow you to float around the massage table with grace.
~ A Hawaiian chant that will open each session to the potential of miracles.
~ The power of ‘HA’ breath to create dynamic change.
~ Hawaiian philosophy in relationship to Lomilomi sessions.
~ Creating safe and sacred space through ritual and prayer
~ Cultivate trust in your intuition

Would you like to bring Lomilomi to your community?  Let's make it happen! Contact me for details.