Yoga offers a mirror to observe yourself, a platform to express yourself, and the possibility of experiencing greater intimacy with all of life.  Whether you are seeking increased flexibility, mental peace, or spiritual connection, Yoga will meet you where you are.  As you change, your relationship with the practice and what it gives to you, will change.  This is part of the beauty of Yoga that makes commitment to practice a wondrous adventure.

I offer is an eclectic blend of dynamic movement guided by breath, powerful intention and loving heart.  I encourage "Sthira Sukha asana"; a balance of attentiveness and focus while remaining relaxed and fluid within each posture at the same time.  My classes overflow with inspiration, they are themed to reflect life experiences and offered with an open heart.

I have taught all over the world, from Bali to Alaska, from Mexico to Vermont.  It is an honor and a joy to offer this sacred gift to many. I am grateful for my teachers Gopi Kinnecutt and Eoin Finn who have given me boundless inspiration.


Aloha Flow Yoga Monday evenings 5:45-7:15 November 6th-December 18th Restored Balance Studio, 469 Main Street, Bennington, VT $69 for 7 weeks or $13 drop in

Secret Santa Yoga Sunday December 17th 9:45-11:00am Bring a Gift, Get a Gift, Be the Gift!  Enjoy a free holiday Yoga class, simply bring a gift to exchange ($15 or less, the typical price of a drop in class!)