Bethany Boulger

Meet Bethany

Bethany Boulger is a bodyworker, yogini, life coach, world traveler and all around lover of life. She feels blessed to have grown up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and to now call the Big Island of Hawaii, home.

With her light hearted presence Bethany weaves inspiration, humor and compassion through all that she offers. Her dynamic Yoga classes, workshops and trainings are anchored in the joyful celebration of embodiment.

Bethany has been a practicing bodyworker for 17 years and in 2004 co-founded Green Mountain Oasis day spa, in Bennington, VT. Her passion and specialty is being a wave of Aloha through Hawaiian Lomilomi massage.

She sees both Hawaiian and Yogic traditions as complementary, parallel paths to reconnect, remember and awaken ones radiant light.

“It is a great honor to be a light carrier of ancient healing traditions. Through both Hawaiian and Yogic practices I have experienced profound transformation and healing in my life. Both traditions have empowered me to fall more deeply in love with all of life.”

Work with Bethany

Yoga Teacher Training


Aloha Om Yoga Teacher training offers a unique opportunity to dive deeply into the ancient teachings of Yoga while gaining an understanding of how to apply this wisdom to your modern day life.

Soul Sessions Coaching


Coaching is about aligning your thoughts, words and actions in a way that will support the life you really want and love. Living a life you love begins with gaining clarity on your values, enabling meaningful choices…

Lomi Lomi Massage Trainings


Lomi Lomi aligns you with Spirit, creating balance, harmony, and peace profound. The wavelike, rhythmic strokes clear the receiver’s body of heavy energy that may be limiting your connection to your Higher Self.

Retreats and Workshops


Giving yourself the gift of a retreat or workshop can be deeply nourishing and rejuvenating for your Soul. Whether joining me for a focused training, Spirit centered Yoga adventure or an individual retreat you will leave feeling inspired, centered and full.

Healing Sessions


Bodywork has been an ever evolving journey for me. After 17 years of practicing as a massage therapist, I am more in love with this healing work then ever.